640 EKX Fire Templates

Written with Passion by Elise Kephart

These aren't those archaic templates that were written ten years ago. These are my exclusive FIRE TEMPLATES!

Why are they titled fire templates? Because I have spent the last decade not only working in the trenches myself - but mastering the craft and designing a pathway and process for each type of real customers you struggle to engage with daily.

Wether your customer has a phone number or does not, wants pricing, wants information on availability - there is a series of emails aimed to fire.

Templates don't work if the customer know's it's a template - so these are all written by me and detailed down to time of day even and whatever the hot button is.

Focus on your results and less what to write - get the full 640 Templates and go!

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Elise Kephart
Elise Kephart

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to these?
Lifetime access to my Fire Templates where you can print or download the documents to paste and install into your CRM
Can I share these and pass them to my friends or co-workers?
I won't be able to stop you - but, please keep in mind - these are very personal to me and you have invested in yourself to review them and get the learning with them. I won't every know if you duplicate these and re-distribute - but hopefully your friend or co-worker supports small business' :)
Do these have video emails in them?
These are simple "sent from my iPhone" templates that are designed to be shorter and have no html coding or videos in them. Drop and fire!

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