The Appointment


This is the fourth step when handling an inbound phone call.

When you go for the appointment keep in mind that we've already implied to the customer that it's going to take 10 - 15 minutes to get back to them with information, we've also obtained their full contact information. If it's a specific call, we've opened up the funnel.

The light bulb moment

"Hey you know what, I think I can get this information for you right now. Can I place you on hold for a quick moment?"

Avoid using words like minute or seconds. During that quick "moment" assume availability 99% of the time. Why? Remember that 86% of buyers end up purchasing a different vehicle than they originally asked about.

"Hey [name] are you still there? Great news! That [make/model] is still available... Speaking of which, when are you more available - right now, or later today?"

The "Momentary Hold" Breakdown

When you place the customer on hold, take that time to do the following:

  1. Gather your confidence
  2. Prepare for any objections you might receive
  3. Get ready to go all in on the appointment

Exception to the 99% Rule

The 1% exception to the rule is that the customer wants that one-and-only vehicle. Perhaps it's a rare vehicle or a specialty vehicle the customer will only want that one vehicle.

If that vehicle has sold and they turn down the option of looking at any other vehicles, you're going to come back from hold with the following script.


"Hey [name], thank you so much for holding. Unfortunately [make/model] did sell, but we actually have a used car buying program here, and a couple of used car managers who have access to really great inventory... When are you available to go over the specifics of what you're looking for in your next pre-owned vehicle - right now or later today?"

Keep in mind that you can replace "preowned" for anything (e.g., "new", "luxury", "specialty")

East to West

Let's say the customer agrees to come in at a specific time.

"This afternoon? Perfect! I'm looking at my availability for this afternoon and it looks like I have a 3:15pm or 4:45pm - which of those works best for you?"

Once you've narrowed down a time with a customer, you're ready to move onto the next step.