The Greeting


As the first step of the inbound phone up, make sure that you're prepared. If you're in the middle of eating lunch, or in a bad mood have enough self awareness to know you're not ready to take the call.

When you say your greeting, there are a few key things you want to hit.

  1. Sound positive
  2. The tone of your voice will go a long way to building rapport with the customer. If you sound tired or uninterested, your customer will pick up on that and lose interest as well.
  3. Focus on conveying a welcoming and happy tone. Doing so will encourage the customer to stay on the line with you and provide the information you need from them.
  4. Introduce yourself and your dealership name
  5. The best practice is to let them know who you are and verify that they called the right place. This helps the customer feel more comfortable with you, especially this day in age when there are many people who try and avoid giving their name over the phone.
  6. Thank the customer for calling
  7. Expressing appreciation is always a plus!
  8. Let them know you can help them
  9. There are many trainers out there that discourage the word "help" in their script, but let's be honest, this is the most cut-to-the-chase question you can ask to find out how you can be of service.

Mastering the greeting will go a long way when conducting the rest of an inbound phone call.